Allow your clients to have the selection of shower and steam rooms designed by Custom Shower & Steam..

Becoming a partner with Custom Shower & Steam is an opportunity to increase value for your customers and raise your visibility. Whether you are a small, medium or large business or an individual entrepreneur, you can expand your profit potential and increase your customer satisfaction with Custom Shower & Steam solutions. Whatever field you are in, your customers are offered choices throughout the design or construction of the product or service you offer. It may be a choice on items such as layouts, styles, sizes, or color schemes. Custom Shower & Steam gives special pricing to the custom builder for promoting our systems. We will formulate a package around you, so that you receive a commission or percentage on each sale.

All of our focus and expertise is channeled into designing the highest quality shower and steam room systems, so that all of our and your customers remain satisfied. Custom Shower & Steam can create an aggressively priced package that is custom tailored to the design of your custom product. We can coordinate not only an introductory package, but also an expanded package. This will enable your client to have a choice of packages to enhance your product line.

For more information on becoming a value partner, please contact us and we can meet with you and give you the opportunity to learn more about our company. It will also allow us to work together to design a package that is best taylored to feature the product or service you offer.



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