Steam Benefits Include:

  • Easing stress
  • Relieving muscle tensions and stiff joints
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Llymph detoxification
  • Stimulating circulation
  • Increasing body metabolism
  • Alleviating sinus congestion due to colds, asthma, or allergies, and
  • Keeping skin youthfulATH

What can steam heat do?

  • Steam heat increases the extensibility of tissues.
  • Steam heat decreases rigidity in joints.
  • Steam heat reduces muscle spasm.
  • Steam heat can decrease muscular pain.
  • Steam heat increases blood circulation and irrigation, but not blood pressure.
  • Steam heat enhances total lymph system cleansing.
  • Steam heat has been recently used in therapies against cancer and infectious diseases.
  • Steam Showers are highly effective is removing fat-stored toxins from the body.
  • Steam effectively washes toxins from the surface of the skin as you sweat.
  • Steam treatment improves vascular flow, enhancing oxygen, nutrient, and lymph exchange at the cellular level.

Steam Helps Respiratory Conditions

Steam inhalation is an effective treatment in respiratory conditions and is highly recommended for treatment of the common cold, sinusitis, bronchitis, alllergies and asthma.

  • Steam relieves inflamation and congeston of upper respiratory mucous membranes.
  • Steam relieves throat irritation by moistening the air.
  • Steam relieves spasmodic breathing (Asthma, Croup).
  • Steam loosens secretions and stimulates discharge of mucous from the throat and lungs (natural expectrant).
  • Steam relaxes muscles and relieves coughing.
  • Steam Keep mucous membranes from excessive drying.


Whether you seek to reduce stress, raise your metabolism, ease the symptoms of a bad cold, improve your complexion, alleviate the pain of a sports injury or prevent such damage in the first place, Custom Shower & Steam provides these therapeutic solutions and more.

Increases Body Metabolism

Sweating is therapeutic, but so too are other physiological effects of steam therapy. Dramatic effects derived from the circulatory changes are caused by the intense heat exposure. Steam treatments have a stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system. The heart rate increases as much as 50% to 75% during a 10-20 minute steam session. The pulse rate increases from 75 beats per minute to between 100-150 beats per minute during a 15-20 minute treatment. This increase blood circulation, but not blood pressure, since the heat also causes the tiny blood vessels in the skin to expand, accommodating the increased blood flow.

Nourishes Skin with Nutrients

The increased blood flow brings vital nutrients to skin and subcutaneous tissue, stimulating cellular activity and growth. The parts of the skin that normally suffer from poor circulation benefit especially from this treatment.

Detoxification Treatment

"Apart from the immune system stimulating effects of sweat therapy, many tout it as one of the most effective and painless detoxifying treatments available. In a steam shower, the natural cooling process through perspiration is eliminated and therefore allows little or no loss of the valuable body heat necessary for effective detoxification or immune-boosting therapies. Unlike a dry sauna, steam does not dehydrate the skin nor allow toxin-filled perspiration to dry prior to rinsing."

The steam relaxes stiff joints and muscles, deeply cleanses your skin, helps eliminate toxins, and boosts your immune system.


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